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Johns Violin Company is dedicated to providing accurate and fair appraisals for our customers' musical instruments. Our team meticulously examines each instrument's physical condition, playability, and market value, considering factors such as age, rarity, historical significance, tonal qualities, and craftsmanship.

Seeing an instrument in person is always our preference, however we know that is not always the easiest option.  It is our pleasure to provide a more convenient option to allow us a good look.

To ensure the most precise appraisal, we recommend that customers submit high-quality images of their instruments, capturing clear and detailed views from multiple angles. These images should highlight any unique features or imperfections. By utilizing high-quality images, our experts can evaluate the instruments accurately, providing customers with a reliable appraisal that reflects their true value. At Johns Violin Company, our commitment to excellence guarantees that customers receive the best possible appraisal for their musical investment.

Upload your instrument photos for review.

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Please upload detailed photos for our review. We recommend high quality lighted photos of the instrument top, back, scroll, and internal label, copies of any identifying documents. Insurance appraisals are included with every purchase and are offered to non-customers at no cost. Certifications may require shipping as well as additional costs to produce the appropriate documentation.