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JVC Von Paradis Model Violin


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Maria Theresia von Paradis Violin

The von Paradis Violin by Johns Violin Company is designed in a way that honors a pioneer in the history of music, Maria Theresia von Paradis.  Its’ individualistic structure draws from her long-lasting legacy and renowned artistry. 

More About Maria Theresia von Paradis:

Maria Theresia von Paradis was a remarkable violinist known for her exceptional talent and skill on the violin. Despite being blind, she overcame her disability and became renowned for her captivating performances. Von Paradis was not only a violinist but also a composer. Her compositions encompassed a range of genres, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Living in a time when opportunities for women were limited, Maria Theresia von Paradis broke barriers and challenged societal norms through her successful career as a musician. She became a role model for aspiring female musicians. Her life story serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and artists worldwide. Her determination, talent, and ability to overcome challenges make her a symbol of perseverance and artistic excellence. 

Though some of her music has been lost over time, Maria Theresia Von Paradis' surviving compositions showcase her unique musical voice and contribution to the rich musical heritage of the 18th century.