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JVC d'Aranyi Model Violin


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Jelly d'Arányi Violin

The d'Arányi Violin by Johns Violin Company pays homage to the rich musical heritage of this esteemed violinist, Jelly d’Arányi. It is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Using the finest materials, these violins embody the spirit of artistic excellence and passion for music that defined Jelly d'Arányi's career.

More About the Jelly d’Arányi:

Jelly d'Arányi was born on May 30, 1893, in Budapest, Hungary, into a family of distinguished musicians. She was the niece of the renowned violinist Joseph Joachim, who was a close friend and collaborator of Johannes Brahms. From a young age, Jelly displayed extraordinary talent on the violin. Her exceptional musical abilities were recognized early on, and she received rigorous training and guidance from some of the best violinists and teachers of her time. 

Throughout her career, Jelly d'Arányi collaborated with many eminent composers, including Béla Bartók and Ralph Vaughan Williams. She was also known for her association with composer and mystic, Béla Bartók, who famously premiered his Violin Sonata No. 1 in 1922. One of Jelly's most notable achievements was her involvement in the rediscovery of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Double" Violin Concerto in D minor. The piece had been largely forgotten until she stumbled upon the score in a dusty library in London. 

Her dedication to bringing this masterpiece back to life showcased her passion for reviving neglected works. Jelly d'Arányi was an ardent supporter of contemporary music. She actively promoted and premiered works by various composers, contributing significantly to the expansion of the violin repertoire during her time.