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Maintenance Subscription


Johns Violin Company offers a comprehensive repair and maintenance subscription service for all stringed instruments, including the violin, viola, cello, and bass. The subscription includes automated email reminders for basic adjustments, string replacement, and bow rehairs, as well as coverage for basic repairs. Customers can rest easy, knowing that their instruments are receiving the highest quality of care, ensuring longevity and optimal performance. 

Coverage is available for orchestral instruments purchased through Johns Violin Company.

In addition to the coverages offered, subscribers are given the added benefit of 10% off every purchase at Johns Violin Company. 


Enhanced Purchase Maintenance Benefits Include:

  • Lifetime Free Adjustments and Basic Maintenance.
  • 10% off EVERY Purchase, No Exceptions.
  • Earn loyalty points towards reward spending
  • FREE Shipping on every non-local purchase. 
  • One student bow replacement or bow rehair per year.
  • Broken string coverage up to one full set per year.
  • Standard repairs included: pegs, bridge, nut, soundpost, tailpiece, endpin, minor cracks, and open seams.
  • Serious repairs offered at discounted prices and quoted per job.
  • Automated email reminders
  • Enrollment in special subscriber's only newsletter. 
  • Two payment options below: Pre-pay for the three year coverage at a discount, or Pay Monthly with two months upfront required.